Presidents' Day White Sale Bargains - Shop Smart for the Bed & Bath

It used to be that you had to venture out into the cold January weather to get the top deals for your White Sales. Now you can shop for amazing bargains on linens and other related items for your home and it isn't even January! So forget about braving those polar winter weather conditions this year and check out all the great sales happening both online and at your favorite brick-and-mortar stores.

Specialty Sites for Linens and other White Bargains has always been a great place for linen bargains. If you are considering upgrading your linens and other housewares, this is a great site for those hard to find lines. But this year they are also doing a President's Day Sale that includes a great White Sale of all linens at an extra 10% off. In much the same way, Pottery Barn is offering a great President's Day Sale that includes some of their signature linens. If you are more a do-it-yourself home decorator, you will want to check out JoAnne's sale of home decor fabrics online as well.

Brick and Mortar Stores Join the Hunt

Macy's is probably one of the most beloved brands when it comes to a physical store that has served America's homes for decades. Now you can find almost anything you want and get some extra bargains when you use their online coupon system. For many, using coupon codes and shopping the sales racks means getting high quality clothes for you and your kids at better prices than the bargain stores. For deals on high-end lines, Bloomingdales, is offering a special "Big Brown Bag Sale" both in store and online through the holiday. Sears is getting into the game as well, with online discounts of 25% for members using the code EXTRAPOINTS and non-members can use the code ABELINCOLN for discounts on bedding, linens and even rugs.

Discount Stores Get Cheaper

One of the biggest stores to jump on the President's Day sales is WalMart. Believe it or not, they have specials on everything you can name from bed comforters to high quality count sheets. You may think of WalMart as the bargain basement superstore, but watching for their specials such as their big President's Day blowout sale is worth it.

Mattress Discounters Get Into the Mood

Now that you have those great sheets, blankets and comforters ready for everyone, how about a new mattress? Believe it or not, Mattress Discounters has been getting in on the White Sale action more each year. President's Day sales have risen in popularity with many discount mattress sites, but especially with this company that is both a bargain site and a brick-and-mortar store. They are offering $300 off the price of their top selling Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses.

The Bargain Tradition Continues

So whether you need new sheets for the beds, new bedroom sets for that toddler or a new rug for the den, you can get deals at this year's White Sales and President's Sales online and in store. Many shoppers love to wait until this time of year to spruce up the house for the upcoming summer or simply hunt for great bargains. Whatever your reason, this President's Day weekend will be a great time to find the prices you need and stay warm and cozy at home while doing it.


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