Porter Ridge

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Eccentric Characters Blow Stuff Up, Have Petty Fights.


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TV Rating:   TV-14

Network:   Discovery Channel

Genre:   Reality TV

What Parents need to know

Parents need to know that Porter Ridge is a reality series featuring colorful families living in the backlands of Indiana and highlighting some stereotypical behavior. The cast is both likable and respectful, but engages in irresponsible behavior (like blowing things up and drag racing) to resolve various problems. Guns and hunting knives are also visible. There's some occasional drinking and some iffy language ("crapper," "doucher"), too. Teens should be able to handle it, but viewers of all ages should be reminded to never try what they see here at home.

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What's the story?

From the producers of Duck Dynasty comes PORTER RIDGE, a reality series featuring the colorful residents of Porter Ridge, Indiana. It stars Terry Porter, the proud owner of Country Auto Parts and junkyard, who, along with employee Danny Bob, office manager Kayla, and on occasion his son, Rusty, provide used auto parts and junking services to local residents in the area. An ongoing feud with the Dog Killer Ridge boys, headed up by former employee and Dog Killer Junkyard owner Bryan Sciscoe, leads to lots of hi-jinks. Adding to the fray are folks like Dirty Andy, "Elvis" Larry, and neighbor Jeff Watson, whose truffle-sniffing pet bears occasionally wreak havoc. They may not live in town, but life on the ridge is definitely never dull.

Is it any good?CommonSense Star Rating

Porter Ridge offers a lighthearted -- but contrived -- look at life in the Indiana backwoods, where God and family is important, and the residents live by their own code of conduct. But despite featuring the Porter's business, not much seems to go on there except playing practical jokes, demolishing cars, and blowing up things. The show is lacking any real plot or substance, but the colorful cast are both lively and likable. Unfortunately, a lot of what is shown here seems to play into existing stereotypes about living in the Midwest. Some folks may find their antics entertaining, but there's just nothing here that can be taken seriously.

Explore, discuss, enjoy

  • Families can talk about reality TV. What makes a group of people interesting enough to feature on a reality show? What makes some of these shows more popular than others? Do you think the way people act on these shows is similar to the way they act when they are off-camera?
  • When does the media representation of people or places go from being accurate to appearing stereotypical? How can media generalizations be avoided?